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Your Heating ANd A/C Professionals

Shakley Mechanical, based in Northern Ohio, is your go-to source for top-notch heating and cooling services. We provide a wide array of HVAC services in locations like Mansfield, Shelby, Wooster, and Ashland, ensuring our valued customers stay comfortable throughout the year.

In an area where weather can change quickly, the experienced HVAC service techs at Shakley Mechanical believe in staying ahead. We focus not just on addressing emergencies, but also on regular check-ups that can prevent expensive repairs down the line. Think of us as your friendly specialists, dedicated to keeping your heating and cooling systems working at their best across North Central Ohio.

Trust your heating and cooling needs to Shakley Mechanical, your local HVAC service provider committed to serving North Central Ohio and the surrounding areas. Our wide array of HVAC services includes top-quality cooling systems and thorough air conditioning maintenance. Remember, our local experts are always focused on providing comfort, and we’re only a phone call away.

Our Comprehensive Commercial and Residential Heating & AC Services in North Central Ohio

At Shakley Mechanical, our technicians excel at servicing any type of furnace or air conditioning system. With our diverse expertise, you can trust the same reliable company that replaced your home furnace to expertly repair a broken AC in your office. Our primary goal is to ensure your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Furnace Repair and Installation: Our skilled technicians perform diagnostics and repairs for all types of furnaces, as well as facilitate the seamless installation of new heating systems, tailored to your specific needs.

  2. AC Repair and Installation: We specialize in troubleshooting and repairing air conditioning systems, providing timely service to keep you cool. Our team also assists in selecting and installing the best AC units for your home or office environment.

  3. HVAC Project Design: Combining our extensive knowledge and experience, we offer comprehensive design services for HVAC projects, ensuring optimal performance, energy efficiency, and comfort in your residential or commercial spaces.

The Shakley Mechanical team is proud to carry a State of Ohio OCILB License #30003 in HVAC, hydronics, refrigeration, and plumbing. This accreditation showcases our commitment to maintaining professional standards and staying up-to-date with the latest industry developments.

We take our jobs seriously and prioritize your comfort above all else. With Shakley Mechanical, you can trust that you’re in capable hands for all your furnace, AC repair, and HVAC project needs.

Quality Geothermal Installation Services

In addition to our exceptional HVAC services, Shakley Mechanical excels in the installation and maintenance of ClimateMaster geothermal units. As a top provider of Central Ohio geothermal solutions, our offerings are the perfect choice for Mansfield residents seeking smarter, more efficient heating systems. By adopting geothermal heat pumps, you can experience up to 80% savings on your heating and cooling bills, making this not only an eco-friendly but also a cost-effective solution for managing your indoor climate.

Our geothermal services boast remarkable energy-saving benefits, but these units offer much more than just exceptional energy efficiency. Our geothermal water furnace provides three essential services, each contributing to an ideal indoor environment:

Consistent Home Temperature Control

Our geothermal units guarantee proficient home heating and cooling regulation, maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures no matter the season.

On-Demand Water Heating

ClimateMaster geothermal units also expertly cater to your water heating needs, ensuring hot water is available whenever you require it.

Cozy Radiant Heating

During those frosty winters, our geothermal units come equipped with radiant heating capabilities to keep your living space warm and comfortable.


In addition to the finest heating and air conditioning units on the market, we also install ductwork from your heating and cooling units throughout your home or business in order to ensure proper delivery of temperature control. Also, we want to ensure you are as comfortable as you can be, and without the proper ductwork, our job is only half done.

Furnace Repair SErvices

As HVAC experts at Shakley Mechanical, our dedication to quality and professionalism ensures our customers receive exceptional furnace repair services throughout Mansfield, Ohio. Our highly skilled technicians are adept at swiftly diagnosing and repairing a wide range of furnaces, resolving issues with expertise and commitment. Regardless of the complexities involved, our furnace repair capabilities make us your reliable choice for addressing your heating needs across Mansfield, Ohio, and its surrounding areas.

At Shakley Mechanical, we don’t limit ourselves to just furnace repairs. Our expertise extends to the professional installation of brand-new heating systems, customizing our services to fulfill your specific requirements. Be it an upgrade from an older furnace system or establishing heating solutions in a new property, we meticulously manage every step of the installation process, ensuring your furnace operates efficiently and dependably.

In the event of an emergency furnace repair in Mansfield, Ohio, Shakley Mechanical is your go-to service provider for prompt and effective assistance. Our team is ready to tackle your repair furnace needs, whether routine maintenance or upgrading your existing heating system.

Rely on Us for Quality Service

At Shakley Mechanical, we put a priority on quality service. Our family-owned business seeks personal relationships with our customers. To us, you’re not just another name on the list. We truly value your business and will prove it to you with excellent service. So, when you need a new AC installation or repair in Mansfield, Ohio check us out!

We keep detailed work records so any time you needs service, we know what has been recently done. For all of your residential and commercial HVAC service needs in Ashland or the surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered! Call us at 419-281-6909 to talk to a representative today.

two HVAC installations

When you work with us at Shakley Mechanical, you are getting the finest workers around. We always are ready to work with our clients in Mansfield on their heating and cooling systems.

Our SErvice Areas

Shakley Mechanical is proud to serve the heating and AC repair needs of residents and businesses throughout North Central Ohio, including Mansfield, Ashland, Wooster, and more. Our comprehensive services cover installation, repair, and emergency services for heating and AC systems, ensuring the utmost in comfort and efficiency for our clients in these areas. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals consistently provides exceptional service, responding promptly and skillfully to the unique needs of each community we serve.

With Shakley Mechanical at your side, you can trust that your heating and AC repair needs in Mansfield, Ashland, Wooster, and more will be met with the highest level of expertise and commitment to satisfaction.

We keep detailed work records so any time you needs service, we know what has been recently done. For all of your residential and commercial HVAC service needs in Ashland or the surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered! Call us at 419-281-6909 to talk to a representative today.