You are always looking for better, more environmentally-friendly ways to do things. You have a plastic bottle you reuse for your water, you faithfully separate your waste into recycling containers, and you compost the biodegradable waste. Why shouldn’t your home be just as efficient?

Shakley Mechanical is experienced with both Trane and ClimateMaster geothermal unit installation and maintenance. As we said in a previous blog, these geothermal heat pumps are incredibly efficient. They can reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 80%. These pumps provide the following:

This blog post will talk about Trane and their unique EarthWise™ Geothermal System. A geothermal system works like a heat pump, only on a much larger scale. In cold weather, your home is warmed by heat brought in from the earth. During warm weather, your home is cooled by the movement of heat from your home back into the ground.

With Trane, they offer four types of geothermal configurations: Open Loop, Pond Loop, Horizontal Loop, and Vertical Loop. The best one will be the one that best matches your land situation. Our helpful Shakley Mechanical staff will help you determine which installation works best for your needs.

american standard gold xi geothermal packaged system

The Trane brand is known for its reliability, so we choose to install their systems. They are built with quality materials and true craftsmanship and backed with robust warranties. The flexibility of the four different configurations allows Trane EarthWise™ Geothermal Systems to adapt to any region in any home, so no matter what you pick, you will see the benefits!

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