As springtime is nearly here, your plumbing needs a little preventative maintenance to keep everything running smoothly now that we are starting to thaw out! Here are a few chores to add to your spring cleaning list!

Drain Any Sediment in Your Water Heater

water heater diagram

Over time, sediment may collect in the bottom of your water heater. This can not only reduce how efficiently it works in the long run, but it could also mean an early death for your water heater.

Draining your water heater can be a time-consuming process, and it requires a bit of knowledge. If you have never done it yourself, or you’re not entirely comfortable with how to do it, it is recommended that you call a plumber. One of the best plumbing tips we can give is to ensure you regularly clean your water heater. If sediment is left uncleaned, the buildup will likely cause the water heater to break entirely.

Turn the Valves and Check Your Outdoor Faucets

Here’s another vital plumbing tip: turn the valves in your plumbing system. Where there’s water, there tends to be rust. Even if they aren’t rusted, they can get sticky and nearly impossible to turn if left untouched after some time. While you’re at it, check any outdoor faucets; this can be another indicator of a leak in your pipes. If you can stop the water flow with your hand, this could mean it’s not getting the full power supply because of a leak somewhere in your line.

Clean the Gutters

This is definitely on our short list of plumbing tips that aren’t much fun. But it’s also on our short list of jobs that will save you a lot of money if done regularly. Gutters do a simple job: they funnel water away from your home. They help to prevent a lot of damage that water can do to your home over time. But, if the gutters are clogged with leaves, pine needles, and other debris, they will not do that job effectively. Regularly cleaning the gutters will save you a much bigger headache from water and property damage.

Take care of what you can yourself, and when you need help, don’t hesitate to call your friends at Shakley Mechanical at 419-281-6909!