Fall Furnace and HVAC Maintenance

The transition to fall is one of our favorites. Cooler days mean many homeowners open their windows to enjoy the fresh air. It’s also the perfect opportunity to do some maintenance on your home’s air conditioner after the harsh summer months and furnace before the temperatures drop. The pros of Shakley Mechanical should handle some things, but here are a few of our best do-it-yourself tips.

Clean Around Your Outdoor Units

A clear space of 2-3 feet around them is critical for their use. Be sure to clear off debris like leaves and ensure drain ability for snow and ice.

Air Filters

Replace your air filters with high-efficiency pleated filters that are far more effective when filtering out dust, pollen, mold, dander, and other nasty particles.

Humidifier Filters

While changing air filters, it is a good habit to change out your humidifier filter to be sure it is putting clean moisture into your home.

Turn On the Furnace

It is best to turn your furnace on before you need it. This ensures you aren’t facing a frigid night with no heat. While temperatures are bearable without home heat, repairs are much easier to deal with.

Check for Leaks

Water heaters can be a quiet leak; while checking things, it can’t hurt to ensure all is well there. Better to catch issues early than once they make themselves well-known.

Air Conditioner

If you notice any problematic behavior during summer, have it taken care of in the months you aren’t using it. This way, you know you’ll have top-shape cooling once summer rolls back around.

Whether or not you are having trouble with your HVAC system, doing these tasks is essential. A few hours of simple changes and checks can put you ahead of the game regarding your heating and cooling systems. Shakley Mechanical is ready to handle any issues you come across. Give us a call at 419-281-6909 to schedule your services today!