With the winter temperatures here to stay, furnace problems could be appearing. We see a few issues reoccurring in commercial and residential heating systems. Some issues are far less in-depth than others, but regardless of the problem level, Shakley Mechanical wants to help take care of them for you.

Dirty Filters

A dirty filter is one of the leading causes of costly repairs being needed. The filter helps keep dust, mold spores, and other debris out of the furnace. When it is full or just old, the filter no longer properly retains these particles, which can lead to build-up inside the furnace. A clogged furnace will eventually quit working, but leading up to that, your furnace will work harder to produce heat, meaning higher energy costs for you.

Ball Bearings and Belt Wear

If you notice a strange noise beginning to sound while your furnace is running, a worn blower belt or worn bearings may be the cause. A blower belt will typically cause a high pitch squeal, while worn bearings lead to a grinding sound. Either way, both of these issues should be handled by an HVAC professional immediately. Of course, there are other culprits of unusual sounds. Still, a technician will need to inspect your furnace for a proper diagnosis.


Your thermostat reads air temperature and controls when your furnace is running. If your thermostat is not properly calibrated, the furnace could be cycling improperly. Cycling means unnecessarily altering between on and off or excess fan running. Calibration helps the thermostat system read properly. Shackley Mechanical Technicians are trained to properly recalibrate your residential or commercial HVAC system. 

Pilot Light Errors

The pilot light is responsible for producing heat in your HVAC system. If the light goes out, there will be no heat. However, a weak flame can also mean proper heat is not being put out. A flickering or dim light can be caused by too much carbon monoxide production. Pilot lights should be managed by a professional.

Don’t be caught without proper heat this winter! If you are concerned about the health of your commercial or residential HVAC system, give Shakley Mechanical a call! HVAC maintenance services are provided in the Mansfield Ashland area and surrounding communities.