Winter isn’t over yet! Over the last few days, we’ve experienced some frigid weather in the North Central Ohio area. You’re likely running your heat at a higher temperature than usual. You might wish you didn’t have to spend so much to keep your home or business warm. What if we told you that we could make this wish come true?

While Shakley Mechanical offers traditional HVAC services, we are proud to provide our customers with geothermal heating and cooling units! Geothermal units also provide air conditioning, water heating, and radiant heating services. We have noticed that customers who choose geothermal units have a significant decrease in their utility bills.

geothermal diagram
Installing a geothermal unit offers a more regulated heating and cooling supply! Call us today to learn more!

There are so many tremendous benefits to using geothermal units! In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the essential advantages they provide:

They save you money!

We already mentioned that these units could save customers on their utility bills. Still, it’s important to note that these savings could be up to 80%! Treat yourself to some extra money in your pocketbook in the long run by investing in this non-conventional heating and cooling choice.

They’re better for the environment!

You can reduce your carbon footprint by opting for these geothermal units instead of the more conventional HVAC systems. Because geothermal units are much more energy efficient than traditional HVAC systems, they give the electric grid a break, which is especially beneficial during the heat of summer and even the freezing winter days.

Geothermal units can operate in any climate!

That’s right. The units pull heat or cool from the ground with ease. No matter the temperature outdoors, your geothermal unit will work fine because of the constant underground temperature. Depending on the location, it can range from 45° to 75° F. Thanks to this regulated underground temperature.

They’re long-lasting!

Geothermal pumps are built to stand the test of time. According to, “Expect to get around 25 years out of GHP indoor components (i.e., the heat pump) and 50-plus years for ground loops.” The initial investment for geothermal pumps is more than your traditional HVAC systems. Still, the result is well worth the expense.

Would you like to learn more about these incredible, eco-friendly units? Contact the Shakley Mechanical team at 419-281-6909 to schedule an estimate for your home or business today!