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flush money down toilet

Don’t Flush Money Down the Drain!

You are just going out to the mailbox on a nice day. You see that your water bill came. As you open it up, you see a number that could absolutely NOT be how much you owe!?!? What happened? There are quite a few tiny problems and bad habits that you could have that add […]

pretty mother with cute little daughter feeling very hot at summer day and eating watermelon blowing electric fan cool wind.

Saving on Air Conditioning Costs

May is halfway over, and June is looming, along with the rising temperatures that go along with summer. If you have had a more challenging year financially, you are probably looking for ways to save money everywhere you turn, especially when it comes to your home. With summer on the horizon, here are some tips […]

geothermal home heating and cooling system

Trane’s EarthWise Geothermal System: Flexible and Functional

You are always looking for better, more environmentally-friendly ways to do things. You have a plastic bottle you reuse for your water, you faithfully separate your waste into recycling containers, and you compost the biodegradable waste. Why shouldn’t your home be just as efficient? Shakley Mechanical is experienced with both Trane and ClimateMaster geothermal unit […]

person adjusting sink drain pipe trap

Spring Plumbing To-Do List

As springtime is nearly here, your plumbing needs a little preventative maintenance to keep everything running smoothly now that we are starting to thaw out! Here are a few chores to add to your spring cleaning list! Drain Any Sediment in Your Water Heater Over time, sediment may collect in the bottom of your water […]

geothermal heating and cooling systems

Benefits of Geothermal Units

Winter isn’t over yet! Over the last few days, we’ve experienced some frigid weather in the North Central Ohio area. You’re likely running your heat at a higher temperature than usual. You might wish you didn’t have to spend so much to keep your home or business warm. What if we told you that we […]

rooftop chimney in winter with heat escaping

Common Furnace Issues

With the winter temperatures here to stay, furnace problems could be appearing. We see a few issues reoccurring in commercial and residential heating systems. Some issues are far less in-depth than others, but regardless of the problem level, Shakley Mechanical wants to help take care of them for you. Dirty Filters A dirty filter is […]